Henry Balogun

Lawyer, Turned….“CHRISTSHARER”

I am a lawyer, social entreprenuer, church planter and public administrator, turned “ChristSharer” with a diverse, rich and colourful, yet unique professional career, spanning over 30 years across three continents.

As a Church Planter, I was involved in the setting up of various church’s including, Jesus House, London and Jesus House, DC , where I also served as assistant pastor and Jesus House, Miami, Florida, where I served as founding pastor.

I thank God for His abundant blessings, but nothing compares to the blessing of my daughters, and I love to desribe myself as the father of the four most beautiful, most amazing and most awesome daughters in the whole world.


I love to share with others how I, and people through the ages, have come to know God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

I love to engage about how ‘Faith in Christ’ connects with Real Lives and Real People dealing with Real Issues. My purpose is to share the Good News about the wonderful grace of God and life transforming message of Jesus Christ to help people grow spiritually and live their utmost life. I am also committed to helping equip people who have suffered setbacks in life, with the tools, training and teaching they need to build the courage to startover, turn their setbacks into remarkable comebacks and fulfil God’s purpose for their life. My goal in any area is to be able to connect in a simple, real and practical way. Practical Christianity, as in PRACTICAL.


ShareChrist with people and get them to know God I have a passion for sharing the Good News about the wonderful grace of God and life transforming message of Jesus Christ to all people. Why? Because for years I was one of those believers who tried to follow all the rules, do everything right, and I even had some success, in the end though, my focus on “being right” led me to actually start thinking and behaving as if I was “always right.” God in his mercy lets things fall apart, and then met me in my brokenness. I want to share with people the comfort which I myself received from God.


Have an upcoming conference, church service or event? Invite Henry to speak to a variety of groups as he uniquely challenges God’s people with God’s word.

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